artist spotlight: Easy McCoy

I risk it all, for the cause, take a risk. And put it all on the line, I'm Fearless.

Easy McCoy

Fearless – Easy McCoy

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Easy McCoy

Easy McCoy, the Seattle-born rapper, is quickly becoming one of the more prolific emcees on the west coast today. His dedication and inspiring commitment to his musical craft has yielded a noteworthy seven million combined streams in less than three years. Many sports fans, have likely heard his confident flows on the likes of ESPN, HBO, UFC, and in the biggest arenas and stadiums in North America. “This is me now,” Easy says. “I’ve grown to understand who I am and now I’m comfortable being Easy McCoy. ”

Born and raised in Seattle’s tough Yesler Terrace neighborhood, he describes his first musical experiences as purely organic. “As a kid in inner-city America, hip-hop music was a big influence on our lives; we listened to music to escape,” he says, citing influences that span both coasts, such as Nas, Talib Kweli, Ice Cube and NWA. But a turbulent childhood, which found him constantly in-and-out of jail, delayed his music career until he was a young adult.

Fast forward to 2021, and Easy has established himself as a bonafide hip-hop lyricist that pens inspirational and uplifting verses that provide a sonic fuel of sorts that push his growing, dedicated fanbase to be the absolute best version of themselves.

A keen observer, Easy has always rapped about his wearying experience as a black man living in America that has experienced an extreme lack of racial justice and respect. You can hear Easy’s pain in his delivery, but he delivers his bars with such bravado that you know he has overcome major, often unfair, obstacles in his life, and thus will never let anything stop him. The inspiration is frankly contagious to listen to.

His newest album Welcome to the Future starts with a proper banger called “Back With Vengeance” in which Easy spits about his unrelenting motivation that’s constantly pumping through his veins. Near the end of the track, Easy simply states: “It’s My Time For Glory (Yeah)/It’s not the end of the story (nah)/Back with vengeance!” before an onslaught of soaring vocals, heart-pumping percussion, and anthemic chords drop in and set the tone for the rest of the bombastic EP. And with Easy, you know this is not hyperbole—he’s so ambitious, driven, and optimistic about the future, that you can tell Welcome to the Future is genuinely just the beginning and that we’re nowhere near the end of Easy McCoy’s story.
Easy McCoy
Independent Artist