Jim Henson’s Labyrinth

was a window into America’s future

Art has always been a way to address political or spiritual conflicts in society for either comedic value or as a window into the future... Jim Henson did both.

The Spiritual & Political Meaning Behind Meeting Hoggle

Hoggle kills fairies while using his intellect to persuade Sarah into Labyrinth 

Subjective Interpretation:

The killing of fairies means the killing of people of faith. In the film, Hoggle works for main (evil) antagonist and uses his intellect to try and outsmart Sarah, the navie girl who goes through the Labrith to help save her little brother, Toby.

Who Does Hoggle Look-Like?

Political: Would you go, left or right?

Sarah asks Hoggle which way she should go in the forever changing maze.

Subjective Interpretation:

The Labrinth is our current world filled of misinformation, which, like the maze is constantly changing. Hoggle (Fauci) suggests that their are two options to choose from, left (Democratic) or right (Republican), although he wouldn't choose either of them. You take too many things for granted refers to the freedom of America before the coronavirus and our "new normal.".

Life's like a movie, write your own ending. Keep believing...

Jim Henson

Political: You can only ask one of us

One of doors leads to the center of the Labyrinth, the other leads to sudden death

Subjective Interpretation:

Sarah begins getting frustrated with the Labrinth (misinformation) constantly changing and is met again with two options, red (Republican) and blue (Democrat). Through wordplay she outsmarts them revealing truth from the red (Republican) guards.

Spiritual: The Right Path

The wall of voices attempts to derail Sarah on her purpose driven journey in the Labrinth

Subjective Interpretation:

When you decide to choose a spiritual path of righteousness, you will be tempted & discouraged by other spirits or in this case, voices. This scene articulates the distractions in the world you'll face when on your journey of purpose and truth.

Political: How are you enjoying the Labyrinth?

Jareth, the (evil) antagonist speeds up time after  Sarah naively mentioned, she was easily making her way through the Labyrinth.

Subjective Interpretation:

The speed up of time, refers to the allocated time you have to figure out the truth in each of America's situations (i.e. covid, blm, voter fraud, rioting) while dealing with the controlled narrative flow of misinformation.

Political: No Don’t Kiss Me

After saving the day, Sarah thanks Hoggle by kissing him. He acts out in panic which suddenly sends them both to the “bog of eternal stench.”

Subjective Interpretation:

The one thing that spreads Covid is through interactions. This is why they say to stay 6 feet a part and wear a mask. The kiss represents the transmitting of the disease leading to forever having a contact tracer on you.

Political: The Poisoned Food

Hoggle has poisoned food he was supposed to give Sarah but after realizing her character, he no longer wants to carry out the plan. She unknowingly eats the contaminated food.

Subjective Interpretation:

One of the challenges we're going to face in the near future is food contamination. Hoggle regrettably gives Sarah the food causing her to face the devil himself.

Political/Spiritual: Just Fear Me…

Jareth the evil antagonist tries to convince Sarah the benefits she’ll have if she lets him control her.

Subjective Interpretation:

Jareth persuasion is the Bill Gates chip, they want to offer us as the solution to the problems they've created (blm, police brutality, covid). Sarah rejecting his offer, ends up freeing herself and defeating the enemy. "You have no control over me."


The labyrinth was a film made in 1986 by Jim Henson to warn America of the upcoming challenges we’ll have to face together. Conditioning us to a more informative, fact driven state-of-mind has led us away from creating truth, through our universal uncensored language, art, music and film. Like Jim Henson, we need to use art, to help each other identify the real enemy and overcome it together. 

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