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Believe Athletic Performance T-Shirts

are considered to be one of the market’s highest quality Athletic tops. It combines nanotechnology and hydrophobic fabric technology creating a characteristic best suited for workout attires. In addition to being lightweight, durable, and stretchable, this Tees also exhibits resistance to liquid substances and stains. In terms of comfortability, Revel Athletic Performance T-Shirts keep a dry contact with the body through its hydrophobic fabric while allowing air to penetrate and increase breathability. With the characteristics it exhibits, It is perfect for most outdoor activities that may induce sweating, strenuous activities, and even contact with dirt and stains

*Please note: the sizes run fitted and are a smaller fit. For maximum comfort during your workout, it’s best to order two-three sizes larger than your normal wear.

Quality Athletic Wear – Revel Athletic Performance shirts are premium tops made by combining the  most suitable and desired characteristics for athletic wears.  Its fabric is lightweight, moisture-wicking, stain resistant, and even wrinkle resistant. It is also durable, stretchable, flexible and further enforced with strong stitches on the neckline and hems. It is made to perform the most vigorous activities without breaking.

Nanotechnology-based Fabric – In search of the best, Revel Athletic Performance T-Shirts were designed using nanotechnology-derived fabric. This characteristic imparts the anti-stain capabilities of the fabric allowing it to resist most stains such as dirt, oil, coffee, other beverages, and sauces. This benefit is advantageous during continuous activities that may include contact with dirt and stains.

Hydrophobic Waterproof Technology – In addition to its nanotechnology-derived fabric, Revel Athletic Performance T-Shirts also exhibit the hydrophobic waterproof technology that allows the shirt to repel moisture from being absorbed by the fabric. In principle it allows moisture to pass without being absorbed keeping the fabric dry. This quality also helps in proper ventilation since the air can freely pass through the fabric without the moisture blocking its path.

Ergonomic Features – Revel Athletics Performance Tees exhibit crew (round) neck, short sleeves and elastic closure that allows optimal range of motion during any activity. It is not too tight, nor too loose making it perfectly comfortable. Comfortability is one of the most important aspects considered in choosing an outfit for strenuous activities such as working out.

Perfect Workout Outfit – With its characteristics featuring durability, flexibility, stretchability, and even comfortability, Revel Athletic Performance T-Shirts can be considered as one of the premium T-shirts for extreme activities such as working out. It is also lightweight and resistant to dirt and moisture making it perfect for outdoor activities such as camping and mountain climbing.