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Revel Believe Weighted Speed Rope

is one of the pioneer brands that equipped their jump rope with the ball bearing design, self lock design & knurling handles which are the most unique and the most suited features perfect for athletic training. This jump rope design focuses on the durability of the materials, the user-friendliness and easy adjustability, efficiency of the training it can give, and the after workout effects. You can now exercise with a goal and without a worry.

Revel Speed Weighted Jump Rope for Fitness and Training – Double Bearing Durable Steel Wire with Aluminum Alloy Handle

  • DURABLE & ADJUSTABLE – Revel Jump Rope is made from braided wire cables coated with colored semi-transparent PVC which exhibits extreme durability compared to nylon-made ropes. It is ensured to last long even with vigorous usage. It is also made with a self lock design for easier adjustment of rope length to suit anyone’s needs, making it suitable for users of any age.
  • JUMP ROPE WITH BEARING SYSTEM – Revel Jump Rope is equipped with one of the latest innovations for jump ropes, which is the double bearing system. The double bearing system avoids the twisting, winding, or bending or the rope during usage, which may interrupt the whole routine, by enforcing the bearing in the handle and rope junction, that can rotate 360 degrees and ensure stable and relaxed rotations. It is perfect for fitness professionals which requires the best fluency in their jumping ropes.
  • NON-SLIP HANDLE DESIGN – Revel Jump Rope was designed with aluminum alloy handles enforced with knurled rubber grip that gives the user a better and solid grip avoiding sudden slip during vigorous usage. Knurling also allows clearance between the hands and the handle for better breathability and the same time gives way for the dripping sweat while maintaining grip.
  • PORTABLE – With PVC coated steel wire design, Revel jump rope is ensured to be tangle-free. You can casually place it in any of your bags without the worry of tangling and breaking, use it anytime and anywhere you want. With the choices of materials such as the aluminum alloy for the handles, Revel Jump Rope is also lightweight and perfect for outdoor exercises.
  • COMES WITH REPLACEMENT ROPE – Each purchase of Revel Jump Rope includes one set of jump rope and a replacement rope. Replacement rope gives you the assurance that you can use it for a longer time compared to other brands available on the market. To improve its portability, a portable storage bag is included in each purchase.