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Watch Eleven is a premium-grade watch designed to display characteristics of both luxury and sports watches. The materials used were carefully selected in order to display durability and water resistance. It is mainly made with Alloy, Stainless Steel and Top Leather which present the most desirable characteristics in terms of durability and water resistance. Aesthetic wise, Revel Men’s Watch is pleasing to the eye thanks to its contrasting luster and black background. To perfectly perform its purpose as a watch, Quartz Movement technology was equipped in it allowing extremely accurate time keeping. In addition to this, a calendar was added to the clock displaying the current date.

Revel Chronograph Sports Watch Eleven for Men – Analog Heavy Duty Leather Wrist Watch – Durable and Waterproof Enforced with Quartz Movement

  • Sophisticated Build and Design – Revel Men’s Watch was designed to be durable ahead from being fashionable and dual-purpose. Its clock is mainly made with high quality alloy and stainless steel that allows it to be durable and resist rusting that may be caused by frequent contact with water. Its strap is made with top leather that underwent treatment and is comparably resistant to water as well.
  • Luxury Design – To display a fashionable aesthetic, Revel Men’s Watch was intricately designed and detailed in addition to its carefully picked materials. The alloy and stainless steel parts give off the luster while the black background highlights the light colored details and luster making it pleasing to the eyes. To completely finish off the aesthetics, the black leather strap complements the luster from the metal components and presents an elegant and sleek appearance.
  • Accurate Time Keeping – To ensure premium quality, Revel Men’s Watch is equipped with Quartz Movement which is known to be very accurate and allows the watch to require only minimal maintenance aside from battery replacement. To add more detail, Revel Men’s Watch is equipped with a digital calendar showing only the current date.
  • Water Resistant – Revel Men’s Watch was engineered to operate perfectly even in wet conditions. It can operate without a hitch up to 30 meters under water. With this, it is perfect for sports events that may require being wet or even under water. In formal events, the water resistance characteristics of Revel Men’s Watch allows you to make contact with water such as when using the toilet without any worries.
  • For Fashion and Sports – Aside from its characteristics that allow it to be suitable for sports enthusiasts, Revel Men’s watch is also characterized with a classy and elegant design making it perfect for casual events or even formal occasions. It can effortlessly suit your outfit with its alloy and stainless steel clock and its leather strap, that are both eye catching and pleasing to the eye.